1. To make the college a model institution of learning for women students hailing from all sections of society.
  2. To play a crucial role in developing human resources catering to ever changing market requirements.
  3. To improve the academic ambience by stimulating a thirst for knowledge.
  4. To involve required pedagogical strategies in teaching and focus on enhancing employability skills To empower students by offering need based courses to face challenges of global job market.
  5. Integrating students’ leadership into all aspects of academic, administrative and student affairs.
  6. To be a catalyst for the societal transformation through outreach activities.
  7. Improving the quality of education and making the college an effective instrument in nation building To make the institution a repository of rich cultural heritage by conducting extension activities To develop wholesome personality of the students and to make them responsible citizens.
  8. To encourage research culture among staff and students To enter into more number of academic collaborations and MOUs for improving teaching, learning, extension and research activities.
  9. To provide state of art infrastructure and support facilities for students.
  10. To participate in nation building by organizing activities related to constitutional obligations, human rights, community development and inclusive environment.
  11. To develop understanding and appreciation of Indian Culture and values.





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