Physical Education

A sound mind in a sound body. This proverb brings out clearly the importance of developing a good Physique of human beings, which in turn, develops their strong mental abilities.

Physical Education is about students’ learning about themselves, their capabilities, potential and limitations. It is a foundation of all sports participation. It goes beyond the individual and understanding himself. It’s learning how to work with and the respect others.

According to Charles A. Bucher “Physical Education is an integral part of the total education process and has its aim, the development of physically, mentally, emotionally and socially fit citizens through the medium of physical activities which have been selected with a view to realizing their out comes.” 


The Department of Physical Education, an integral part of our Institution was started in the year 1984, to conduct not only physical activities like gymnastics, drill and marching but also to develop the emphasis on students’ personality on mental, physical, social and moral sides. Ever since the beginning, the Department achieved the allround development of our students with well planned programmes of Physical Education.


  K.S.N.Degree college for women, Anantapur is committed to providing educational opportunities to select learners who are talented in sport and  as an institution. We ensure quality education, development and coaching. We promise to deliver education sound and well-groomed sport ambassadors.
 As the college is committed to qualify education and sport development, we seek:
 To contribute to transportation in sport by maximizing opportunities for talented learners, particularly those who come from the previously disadvantaged communities.
 Provide excellent educational opportunities for learners and the college community, through a range of learning activities. Whilst fully  developing their sporting and academic talents they will be empowered to pursue a charted career path.
 Inculcate democratic processes and a culture of responsibility and accountability among all stakeholders to contribute towards a healthy nation and advancement of education through sport.


To extend and promote the concept of ‘Sports for All, Sports for Health, Sports for Well-being, Sports for Excellence and Sports for World Peace.

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