Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science started with the B.Sc. (MPCS) Course in 1989 with Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science in English Medium. Later B.Sc.(MECS) EM was also introduced in 2013. The Department consists of one sanctioned post with workload of 44 hours per week. The College was affiliated to Sri Krishna Devaraya University.

 Computer Science Department will plan organize or support different activities, in which the technical skills of the students are evaluated by conducting technical quizzes, paper presentations, project contests, science and technology exhibitions. To assess and argument their soft skills, debates and group discussions are conducted regularly. In order to stay updated with the emerging technologies, experts and veterans from reputed institutions and leading industries are invited to give guest lectures on the areas of expertise. Apart from these activities, the students are guided to participate in symposiums, workshops and seminars conducted in various Degree Colleges.

  Computer Science Department is one of the most eminent programmes in K.S.N.Degree College for Women. The three year under graduate programme in computer science is intended to train the students in both advanced areas in the core courses and specialized topics in emerging technology. We have a team of highly qualified and dedicated teaching faculty well supported by a group of technical support staffs for keeping campus vibrate as a temple of knowledge under a self imposed discipline by one and all.

Computer Science Department has excellent infrastructure and facilities for the students. It is the endeavor of the management to periodically migrate to the latest software and hardware to pace with ever changing need with the industries so that our students come out with latest knowledge in both software and hardware.


            Building a better quality of Life and Positioning Computer department students as Global leaders. As the word learning means a whole world of acquiring knowledge, every human being has the necessity and right to adopt every acceptable means of education to work for earning this knowledge. A student acquires knowledge through interaction with parents and relations, mentors from classroom education ,friends and well-wishers and adversaries, the surroundings, the environment, the people around and the whole world around.....every moment of life. For a student, this learning process needs to be vividly different, colorful and refreshingly enthralling for her to use her skills to enliven the world she is associated with. The computer department is planning to work with this ideal and it is this endeavor we intend to accommodate through the initiation of different activities that are student centric. The vision of our department is to position our computer science students as global leaders building a better quality of life.


          Computer Science Department help students to work together to improve their life by creating opportunities for balanced lifestyles, promoting health and well-being, and encouraging campus wide communication and participation.

The mission of Computer Science Department is to

Organize activities and events for the students to highlight their inner determination to go forward.

Provide important programmes to create self affirmation in our students.

Offer great services that make student learning environment more enjoyable.


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