Physics is the study of relationship between energy and matter of the Universe. It helps mankind understand everything in the Universe from galaxies to quarks. Study of physics has contributed for harnessing different forms of energy available in nature by humans. Example: Electricity, Electronics, Solar and Wind energies etc.,. Today’s high standard of technology used by mankind is derived from Physics.

Physics is introduced in the College in the year 1990 as the core subject in Mathematics and Computer Science combinations with an affiliation to the Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ananthapuram. Later in 2014, another group namely B.Sc., MPC ( Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) also started.

To empower the women students with problem solving, logical thinking and analytical skills and develop passion in them towards understanding basic principles of today’s technology and use it for self sustenance
To motivate the students towards research and higher education.
To empower the students with technology to blend themselves into various professions with a sense of social responsibility

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