The Department of Economics was established in 1984 and is as old as K.S.N. Govt. Degree College for Women itself. Economics is a subject at the different combinations like Economics, History, Political Science; Economics, History, Computer Applications; Economics, History, Mass Communication and so on.  Economics became one among the major subjects of study for the degree students. The Department today offers both Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses. The Post Graduate course was started in 2013-14.


The vision is to develop and establish the Department as a School of  Economics. The department aims to achieve global standards of quality in maintaining academic excellence by being pro-active and open to new opportunities and challenges in frontiers of Economics.  The endeavor of the department is to produce brilliant young Economists who by their secintific knowledge skills and social commitment would act as catalysts to bring about positive changes for the benefit of humanity.


“The department is committed to generate interest in the discipline of Economics among students by imparting sound theoretical knowledge and developing quantitative skills to analyze economic behavior. We are engaged in creating responsible citizens with critical thinking, right human values and attitudes who will become agents of change for our society.” Our mission is to develop young women with active and creative minds inculcating in them a scientific temper. This is achieved by exposing them to theories and applications of Quantitative Techniques that are in tandem with latest technological developments.

• To promote the habit of scientific enquiry and research among our students.
• To create in our students a concern for the environment and develop appreciation for environmental Economics.

• To prepare our students for life in the larger community.

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