Computer Applications


  1. About the Department

The Department of Computer Application(BA) was established in the year 1989 and subsequently. The department comprises of a versatile and experienced faculty. The spacious laboratory is well equipped with latest devices and instruments. It provides personalized attention to the needs of every student. The syllabus is according to the latest trends in the industry and is revised once every three years. We wish to help our students expand the horizons of their understanding concerning the revolutionary contribution of Computers to human well-being and also to facilitate the actualization of their rich potential for unique contributions to life-enhancing technology. The students actively prepare interesting circuits and projects during their course of study which promotes a scientific temperament in them. The department provides a platform for students to indulge in Computer Technology activities both intra and intercollegiate levels through its academic club .held Student Centric projects , This helps in the holistic development of young minds.

  1.  Vision

We wish to initiate learning on basic Computer Technology coupled with its applications in all technologies. And basic program learning techniques And also initiate creating digital

environment learning to the students and we introduce some of the new courses in computer science. we provide  One of the most important advancements is students need ICT in Education

  • Motivate the students to understand the nuances of the various industry and upgrade their  knowledge.
  • Develop a broad knowledge base in core managerial skills
  • To provide quality teaching for the benefits of all our students by constantly improving faculty’s  teaching expertise.
  • Complete understanding of the commercial to facilitate immediate employ ability.
  1. Mission

Our mission is to develop young women with active and creative minds inculcating in them a scientific temper. This is achieved by exposing them to theories and applications of Computers that are in tandem with latest technological developments

  • To secure 100% results in the university Examination.
  • We Motivate our students to acquire progressive and long-term employment with well reputed companies.
  • To provide students with good platform and experience in doing independent research in future.
  •  Providing a strong theoretical and practical background across the computer science discipline with an emphasis on software development.
  • To provide technical solutions in the field of Information Technology to the local society.
  • To provide need based quality training in the field of Information Technology.
  • Empowering the youth in rural communities with computer education.
  • To provide students with the tools to become productive, participating global citizens and life-long learners.




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