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About JKC

The department imparts training in certificate course offered by Jawahar Knowledge Centre.  Annually three batches are trained with a maximum strength of 50 students per batch.  Final year outgoing students are given preference in enrolment as the programme is intended to provide employability skills and communication skills to the candidates.  JKC course comprises three four components - Communication and Soft Skills, Analytical Skills, Computer Skills and General Knowledge and Current Affairs.  A Full Time Mentor is appointed for handling these sessions. The services of Lecturer in English of the college acts as Guest English Mentor.

JKC Committee:

Chairperson:    Dr P. SankaraiahPrincipal

Coordinator:    J. SaiquaParveen Lecturer in English

Members:        1. C. Annapurna     Lecturer in Economics

                         2. K. Vanaja    Lecturer in Zoology

                         3. S. Pavani            Lecturer in Physics

                         4. J. Krishnaveni     Lecturer in Hindi

                         5. P. Bhaskar           Senior Assistant

                         6. A. Anusha           JKC Mentor

JKC and ELL Lab

   JKC Class









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