ELL - Overview


   About the Lab

The English Language Lab was established in KSN Government Degree College (W), during the academic year 2013-14.  It was inaugurated on 10th October 2014.   


Learning and mastering a foreign language as a second language requires patience and practice.  Studying theory as prescribed by the concerned board of education can be supplemented by using ICT tools available in an English Language Lab making the learning an enriching experience both for the teacher and the learner. The practical application of language is possible in the lab in all the four domains of any language - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.  The lab also facilitates self- learning aspect as all the activities conducted through the installed software have inbuilt evaluation mechanism besides the presence of teacher as a facilitator.  The learning which takes place is self- paced and highly pleasurable. The students learn the various concepts of the language in the lab by involving themselves in a variety of exercises installed in the form of software. The activities which require oral communication assist in improving students’ pronunciation and accent.  

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